Music at OTHS

About the Concert Band

The OTHS Concert Band is a talented group of students who meet for band practice every Wednesday after school. All students who are in the music program for a music class, also earn a credit for Band. Students are highly encouraged to join this fun group of musicians.

About the Jazz Band

The OTHS Jazz Band is an exceptional group of Grade 10-12 students who meet twice a week - Tuesday at 7:00 am & Thursday after school - in the Music Room. Auditions are held in June for the following year. The instruments included in Jazz Band are trumpets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones, trombones, basses, guitars, a drum set and the piano.

About the Band Council

The Band Council is made up of interested students in all grades who participate in either Concert Band or Jazz Band. They meet every Tuesday at lunch in the Music Room to plan and organize many fundraisers and events for the Music Department. The students in Music Council this year are creative, energetic, and represent every grade. If you have any questions or suggestions for Music Council, please talk to a member of the Council or to your Music teacher.

Our Band Travels! 

Our Concert Band has travelled to music festivals in many different cities including New York City, Boston, London, Ontario, and Toronto. A highlight of recent years was when, in 2010, our band hosted an international band - Sedgehill School Band- from London, England. Several years later, OTHS students visited Sedgehill students in England.